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Dell counters heating problems by using three exhausts with three large vents with thermal pins, and two fans for cooling. Convenient Features No one likes to game with poor audio quality. Dell brings in Waves MaxAudio Pro which is a software that runs the best audio in high-performance speakers. It also includes a subwoofer so that you can bring in a cinematic theme in your gaming room. At only Pack it up and bring your favorite titles on the go. Better still, it has an incredible battery life of over 10 hours. This is more than we could ever ask for in a gaming laptop.

Although you may see a reduced battery with extensive gaming that runs up your GPU, it is not going to die on you in the first 10 minutes of gaming. Overall Dell explores portability and convenience to give you a highly functional gaming notebook. It has decent graphics, excellent resolution, and a 6th Gen quad-core processor to run modern titles.

View on Amazon Why we like it: It spans the gaming world with sharp graphics for great visuals. It is engineered for the latest gaming apps.

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It can handle graphics-heavy games so it can run the show with the speed you need for most games. Intel Core iHQ powers this laptop. It is the brains behind the action as it responds to your commands superfast. With 8GB RAM you will not have any problems playing Overwatch while you have opened multiple tabs on your internet browser.

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It is the remedy for smooth gaming in an cheap gaming laptop. Convenient Features 7REX is equipped with a gaming style keyboard. It has 72g actuation, and the keys travel 1. Your games will now feel more real as characters will not be hiding in the shadows or you miss a shot because of a dull background. Complemented by Cooler Boost Technology, the laptop has seven heat pipes to keep your system cool.

It employs leading gaming technology to improve your gaming experience even if you are starting out. View on Amazon Why we like it: It is all work-and-play with this laptop. It can fulfill the demands of pro gamers as well as everyday productivity.

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Its thin chassis allows it to win the hearts of any gaming hardcore. It is still high on gaming, giving you fast responses for faster gaming. You will find it exceptionally helpful since you can clock it at speeds of 3. This way, you will not be at a loss when running multiple programs. Its next-level graphics is perhaps the best thing it brings to the table. It is a high-end graphics card that is slimmer allowing this laptop to be travel-friendly while providing fewer fps rates in gaming.

Convenient Features Gaming laptops with Max-Q tend to heat up. But Dell has re-invented their Inspiron design to have a mono-hinge. This allows the display to be away from the exhaust airflow while the CPU and GPU take maximum space to avoid overheating. The keyboard has 1.

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You also get the convenience of Thunderbolt 3 transfer speeds and single-cable docking for your videos. Overall Beating the price-feature element provided by this gaming laptop is hard. It is a subtle system that is more on the gaming performance than on the aesthetics. View on Amazon Why we like it: It is a full-featured model that is large but with manageable weight for taking with you.

The 7RDX explores gaming productivity to help you enjoy all your favorite games. What we like most is the large screen as it gives a more realistic feel of gaming. The matte black finish is primarily plastic. It can collect fingerprints, but this should not keep you from indulging in fast-paced action games. It pushes the pixels on the FHD screen to the limit giving you mind-boggling images. This includes the NTSC panel with full-color fidelity. It has a high refresh rate which gets rid of choppy images.

Not to mention, it brings in Cooler Boost 2 technology to allow heat dissipation and prevent throttle while playing demanding games like Overwatch. Overall This laptop looks sharp, not in a competitive way but its proficiency.

The plastic-alloy exterior cuts its rating which is accounted in the low price. Nevertheless, you get vibrant pictures as it games on full HD. The large display is all thanks to the small bezel and small chassis that manages to keep the weight down. It has a sturdy build and exceptional features. It can easily replace your gaming PC with the convenience of portability. View on Amazon Why we like it: It displays games in the highest-quality setting and manages to maintain a slim profile. The lid comes with a brushed metal finish which will not attract fingerprints.

It has a red theme written all over it from the hinge to the keyboard and touchpad.

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It is in close competition with the Lenovo Legion Y in terms of the build quality since it is a bit chunky. It is not the highest performing for modern games, but it will get through most titles that do not demand extra power from the GPU. This model is a fine choice if you are keen not to game with dialed-down graphics.

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It also favors every gamer who wants a laptop to use for everyday office and business work. This is because is promises consistent gaming with a wide variety of games. Convenient Features This laptop gives you a good compromise between the battery power and the processor. If you want to retain both and enjoy most games, you will want to consider this notebook.

With the iHQ it has a base clock speed of up to 2. Acer Nitro 5 also has a CoolBoost Function. When turned on, the fans can work faster and at higher speeds to facilitate speedier cooling. By keeping your system at the ideal temperatures, you can game for longer at impressive speeds.

Bottom Line The Acer Nitro 5 performs well as an everyday computer as well as for playing computer games.

It gaming features are proficient in providing impeccable gaming time. It is an ideal choice for first-person shooter games especially if you taking gaming to an online platform. This is because of a dedicated media engine. With the 7th Gen iHQ processor, you will have faster boot-up time and speedier-in game commands. Convenient Features To keep your system cool, Lenovo Legion Y is engineered with fans and vents that are in close proximity to the processor and the graphics card.

This results in faster heat dissipation which leaves your laptop cool and performing effectively game after game. You can game at night or in low-lit rooms thanks to the red backlit keyboard. It has fast key actuation which results in great tactile feedback. With only 1. Overall Lenovo Legion Y provides you with pixel gaming performance. It is slim and lightweight with remarkable gaming features.

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