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This should mean better prices compared to what could be done last month.

Expect more dealership incentives on higher-end models. The entry model comes with an amazing infotainment system, Apple Carplay and Android Auto make it a robust vehicle at a fair price point. This will make up the difference of the premium on the EV. The Hyundai Veloster is a reasonably priced compact hatchback if you are looking to finance on a long-term. For contact cars, I generally prefer a lease vs finance. It looks like Kia is running out of names to call their sales events, however, their incentives are pretty consistent from last month.

The Forte is one of our favourite picks because in this price range you get Apple Carplay which enables navigation, plenty of phone and bluetooth voice controls, as well as wireless charging if you have a smartphone that is compatible! For existing Kia owners you are eligible for a rate break on the Kia Soul which helps make the finance even more reasonable.

Last month we saw the rate break on the Forte as well, however it looks like Kia has discontinued the program. The Kia Sorrento is a minivan killer! Even though Kia still offers a Sedona minivan as an option, I strongly recommend against it. A 7 seater SUV holds more value when its time for you to sell. The Civic LX lease is a great deal if you can find these models remaining in stock at your local dealership.

Honda is easily one of the most consistent car brands for great values and deals on leases and finances. The ILX lease is an awesome entry-level luxury sedan with a cheap payment on a four year lease term.

Private-party sellers have lower prices and can be negotiated with more easily, but the burden is on the buyer to get the car inspected. Major dealerships sell certified pre-owned cars that are in excellent condition and backed by factory warranties. This option will appeal to buyers who want to minimize the risks of buying used and are willing to pay extra for it.

Independent used-car lots are another alternative but can vary wildly on price and the condition level of their cars. On Edmunds, it is easy to check your area for local vehicle listings. At the top of this page, simply type in your ZIP code and hit "Go. Once you've narrowed the field down to a couple of candidates, it's very important to thoroughly check out their condition and take them for a test drive. A thorough vehicle inspection can shed light on potential problems or tell you whether the car has been in an accident. Don't hesitate to bring your mechanic to see the car or to request a mobile inspection.

Take the car for a spin to listen for any unusual noises and to see if you like the way it drives. If you are an audiophile, now is also the time to test-drive the audio system. A vehicle history report from services such as AutoCheck, Carfax or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is worth the money and could help tip the scales in favor of one car over another.

Don't stress out over a little bit of haggling. If you've done your homework on the car, you will have the information you need to negotiate. Make sure you input the correct miles and choose the applicable options. Edmunds' TMV tool will show you what you can expect to pay for the vehicle, depending on whether the seller is a private party or a dealership. You'll also get the car's estimated trade-in value. Consider printing a copy of the TMV and bringing it with you to help wrap up the deal.

Keep in mind that TMV is an average. You may end up above or below the price.

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But as long as you get reasonably close, you've paid a fair price. Most private sellers aren't as experienced in negotiating as dealers, nor do they want to negotiate as car dealerships do. Use this to your advantage and make a fair but aggressive offer. If the seller turns it down, be persistent and counter with a slightly higher amount. Remember, it might be OK to spend a little more than you'd hoped if you found the perfect used car. When the time comes to close the used-car sale, there are a few important items to take care of.

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Have the seller get a smog test for the car if your state requires one. Check the registration to ensure it is current. Make sure the seller gives you the title also called a "pink slip". If the owner still owes money on the vehicle, you may have to contact his or her bank or credit union to complete the transfer of ownership.

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Some states require the seller and buyer to complete a bill of sale. This document is good to have in case you are pulled over and haven't yet registered the vehicle. To prevent any hassles like that in the first place, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as possible to register the vehicle in your name and pay any appropriate taxes.

To find a dealership that knows how to treat shoppers right, please visit Edmunds Dealer Ratings and Reviews. Popular searches.


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Good Deal! Fair Deal! Know the history Know the vehicle history such as accidents, owners and title issues. One Owner. No Accidents.

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Lease Use. Come let our sales staff be your guide or explore our inventory online. To get started, contact our finance department. Part of providing you with great customer service is being able to help you keep your car in great condition for years to come. We have a team of certified technicians in our service center who can keep you on top of all your routine maintenance jobs like oils changes and state inspections.

Visit our service center to get an appointment set up quickly. With shuttle service, rentals, Spanish-speaking technicians, and free Wi-Fi in our waiting area, we make getting service easy for you. Come visit us at Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to find a large selection of quality new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. It is our pleasure to serve drivers in the Somerset and New Bedford community. If you have any questions, contact us to learn more. Open Today!

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New deals car lot

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